Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok, this may be the last photo of winter that I post. I could not let this one go. I received this last night in an email. Unbelievable shot I think.
Can you imagine looking for food through this amount of snow for these poor souls.
Isn't it wonderful that those of us who blog and visit blogs find such diversity in our writings and thoughts?
If you look to the left Karen Quilts has interesting articles about her mugs collection which all have an interesting story to tell. She has quite a collection and the stories that come with them is so interesting.
Over at Mary Quilts, she does long arm quilting for heartstrings charities and has taken up photography as a hobby. Her photos are quite well done with her posting each new technique that she experiments with. She was, don't remember how that happened though, one of the first blogs I ever visited when I started quilting.
It's the differences in us all that makes blogging and reading of same my coffee time in the morning fun.. Just like popping in for a short visit to a friend and not overstaying that welcome.
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