Monday, February 9, 2009


When I did the cut outs for this quilt, my original thought was to put them with nine patch squares of all the colours that you see here on this quilt. Well when I started to put the pieces together, it looked awful. Really awful.
So I changed plans and made the little white quilt(see side bar) just to see how it would look. It's only about 36 X 36 and looked really good.

So..... on to this one of using 6 1/2" squares with 2" white X 6 1/2 to border it and 4" white strips on the sides of each strip. It looks really good and Wilson just had to get into the photo and was very curious to see what I had put on the floor.

I am really pleased with the results and the quilt is about 60" square, with the striped blue and white on the back side it looks really good. I made diagonal binding again as it just finished this project. I had a hard time matching the diagonal pieces to look like the stripes were all going the same way. I think it's because I folded the fabric so some of the stripes are backwards to each other you know what I mean? Anyhow it still looks good.

Last night I watched the Grammy awards for the first time in years. And I mean years. I loved the show! Truely talented night of entertainment and I loved the combination of all the singers doing stuff that they don't normally do.

I loved Kid Rock's number and he was really a rocker as the saying goes. I must find some of his stuff in the next couple of days. Robert Plant and Alison Crouse were deserving of their award. Two really different people who came together and had incredible success.

Even the rappers didn't turn me off because they did entertaining (with me in mind) for masses that don't normally listen to them. Not that it made me change my mind about rap music, but it seemed that whoever was planning the show thought of how to best use the entertainers.

Coldplay had been on 60 Minutes last night and I had no idea who they really were and it certainly gave me an insite on this group. They are also good performers and then of course Sir Paul did his show and the place just jumped! He still has it and all the performers there loved his classic rock.

When the show finished, I had finished the hand sewing of the quilt. A good night.

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