Thursday, March 12, 2009


For those of you who have helped me with suggestions regarding the old quilt, here is is. I finished it and washed it in a front loader on gentle cold cycle as suggested.

I used the bamboo batting for the inside and stippled it carefully reinforcing the blocks as I went along as some of them were a bit frayed to say the least. I also used a number 11 needle as I thought that it was good to use a finer needle than the Jeans size due to the delicacy of the fabric.
The quilt is small than the original, but I do have one block left to save for my Uncle and Aunt to frame in remembrance of the original work of my grandmother.
I am happy to be finished with it and am very pleased how it turned out. Considering that I do not think of myself as a refurbisher of quilts but will try just about anything sort of person, this I consider to be a job well done and the quilt is preserved!

I also decided to bind the quilt in a red fabric to pop the red that was already on the quilt. I think this just finishes my love of this quilt done by my grandmother for her "baby" and his wife.
So, for Jerome and Linda, here it is.

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