Monday, April 27, 2009


We are going to open the cottage this week. I have been shopping in anticipation. I have lists for lists, you know the drill, making sure I don't miss anything, and then rechecking the master list again.

Then there is all the stuff we brought back last fall to fix or use or whatever, that has to be packed as well.

It's a huge undertaking for us as we are not getting any younger you know. The really good thing this year is that we do have the new lift to take everything to the deck. The photo is where we used to sit when it was really hot and the ottoman is where the dog likes to be, hence the little rug on it. But now, the gate of the elevator is right there, so we are adjusting our seating plan and have been moving it around the deck to see what works for us. There is a large, I mean really large hemlock which overhangs on the deck and gives us the shade so desired when it gets really hot. I'm not fond of hemlocks as they are really messy, but for the shade of the deck and the breezes it affords us, it's great.

I know that for those of us who are fortunate enough to have a cottage, cabin, trailors, or mobile homes to go to for R & R its a place where sometimes we work harder and enjoy doing it more.

We have lots of company, friends, relatives, and just other cottagers that stop by all the time. I am a bit of a loner, however, at the cottage I love people dropping by.

I am looking forward to the hummingbirds arriving in the next week, so you know it's going to get warmer. The annual baskets aren't at the nurseries yet, and I am hoping that Kelly, my gardening daughter and Kate, my gardening daughter in law will make sure I have beauties as usual.

So, I will try to post, in the next few weeks, although we will have dial-up. Lordy, I do hate dial-up with a passion, but I must's in my blood now..

Oh, my restored quilt was delivered to my aunt and uncle this past weekend. It was a huge hit and I felt so good to give it to them. I even put a label depicting the original blocks made in 1966 and my restoration 2009.
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