Saturday, June 6, 2009


We were getting ready to leave on thursday morning while the lake was calm, and we looked down to the left of our docks and there were these two black bass making a nest and mating.

If you look carefully you can see the fish one on top of the other, the third is just the reflection of the sun. The fish go round and round, scatter the stones around and then the female will guard this spot for about a week.

All we ever see of the result is a bunch of tiny black fish swimming under our docks. As the summer goes on and they get bigger and venture away from our docks, and the surrounding rocks, the loons will come close enough to dive and have a bit of a feast. Now the water has to be calm for the loons to come close and if you look at a few previous postings, calm is not a word we use frequently describing where we are on the lake. So our little black bass are usually a source of joy for the kids to lay on the dock, look in the calm morning waters and see the little bass and sometimes the larger ones that they catch and release. Yeah they like the fishing part, but I tell you now, Nana does not remove fish, do the worm thing so they must learn to gently remove the hooks from the fish as a first lesson from their poppa. Gloves are used to secure the fish and voila....the fish live!
We went to the birthday bash for my sweetie's best friend's 60th. I did take photos, but they shouldn't be published! So much fun was had. Years ago, about 15 I think, this guy and my sweetie were going to someone's 50th birthday. They saw and Elvis head with lights all over the collar part of the bust and thought Peter would just LOVE this! As much as the girls protested, the boys were more adament. They wrapped it up and gave it to him with the instructions that it must be displayed for a year in a promonent place, therein Peter would never have to have it in his possession, but that the head should be passed on to someone with the same promise made.
Well my sweetie got the head back for his 50th and he made a prominent shelf in our garage so that Elvis could be seen from the street. With a Corvette in the garage, and Elvis head on the shelf displayed prominently for the year, the thing went it's way to the next person.
Well, last night Elvis came back to haunt Rod twofold. He got TWO of them. The original and one with the black hair and eyes etc. Everyone just howled. His wife was horrified (lol) that now she would have to look at the thing for the next year. It was very funny to see the cheering from his friends who have had to endure Elvis.
It was a fun night needless to say and seeing friends from years ago who congregated together for this party was wonderful!
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