Friday, June 5, 2009


Who knew when I took this photo on Sunday morning what was to follow. I was actually trying to get a shot of the little hummer who sits on the railing and fights anyone coming to "his" feeder.

It was cold but so bright that I took a few photos of the lake and our views from the deck. Then about 5 minutes later, I looked to the west and saw what was to be the storm of the spring.

Just a note to say how hard it is to put photos where one wants them when posting...ssishh

Anyway the next photo is of the storm that came so fast that it was like second photo just a few minutes after taking the first one.

Was I lying about weather? See the flower pot is still outside and my sweetie rushed to bring them in because of the storm and it was so cold

We had our neighbours up for a week with their
dog Quincey and here is a photo of both the

puppies getting ready to go for a boat ride.

We have had "boat coats" for our dogs for years as it is such a safe way to transport them to and from the cottage. The handle on the top of the coat allows one to grab and position the dog when travelling by boat. It also helps to lift them into the boat.

Whenever our dog sees his coat he knows that life is about to get interesting. He knows he will be going for a ride and be able to feel the wind in his face..

Remember when I said I had spent a fortune of my hanging baskets for the cottage? Well here is one them. You can see why it was expensive!

There are two of these and two others that are orange daisies and purple verbena.

Leaving the cottage for a few days is a chore as all the plants must be brought to a central spot, and the sprinkler positioned so that when the timer (which is connected at the taps) is set, the flowers will be watered a couple of times a day . Isn't that clever? We bought this little device at the hardware store the second year we were at the cottage. Now, I have no idea, I mean it, no idea how it works as my sweetie sets it up and reminds me when I remove said item from its storage spot...."don't touch the dials" and he does the work of setting it up. I hope nothing ever happens to my guy as I have no idea how this contraption works so I would be unable to have flowers such as this.

This last photo, (shiiiish) was taken while riding up to the deck. I think this gives you an idea of the lift that I have been talking about for so long.
You can see the gate at the top and it has plexiglass inserts to keep one safe from falling when on the deck.
Oh it is so good to be home for a few days. I have seen my mother, who was in great spirits and although the nursing home had been under quarantine for a bug that had affected a number of the residents, I was allowed to see her. She said that she had been hit with the flu bug, been confined to bed and been served her meals in her room. She loves that part of living there. She says it's like having room service.
So that was good! Today, I am having my hair cut, having lunch with a girlfriend, doing a bit of shopping and will try to get into the quilting mode again.. I do think the weather has a lot to do with it and also because I am using up my grandmother's stash, the colours aren't me. It's hard to get excited about what I am doing. But really dear dear friends, I think you sustain me and since I haven't been able to read your blogs....I must be in a bit of a funk. So when I go back to the dial up....I think if I do it all manually, you know enter your blogs into google, then I can read your blogs.
I am getting my coffee, and am reading the blogs after this. Ahh, am so looking forward to that!

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