Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here's the shop. As I said he is a bit of a neat kind of guy and it is organized and looks amazing with everything in its place after the large project that my guy finished. The lift is finished with only the small deck needing staining.

I must tell you that there is a much larger shop at our home in the city...Yes he is a tool guy and does amazing work as you have noted with the cottage stuff that has been built here.

I did tell you that the screwdrivers were lined up in their places too. Won't work for me though...I usually pick up 4 or 5 for my needs. One of them should work....that's my theory....

Because there has been major building going

on for the past number of years, we have used

everything (note the word we) that is here.

There is a bit left over of stuff, but always keep

spare parts on an island that is 2 hours from a

local home Depot.

Just thought you'd know I wasn't exagerating when I's a workshop.

I stored a lot of quilting stuff there last year when guests came and I just didn't have room for them and my quilting boxes too.

So I know how lucky we are here in this family to have someone like him who is such a craftsman and actually loves doing projects.

We even have a generator here in case the power goes out so we can at least have coffee and hot showers in the morning....what more can one ask for?
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