Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Camille at is having a parade of quilts for the summer. What you do is show your first quilt and then your most recent. Go to her blog and post your blog. Doesn't that sound fun?
The orange quilt is the first one that I did. It was made with and orange sheet, a white sheet and this little fun sheet for the backing.
I haven't changed it at all even though, It's a bit wonky and the binding was something of a mess to put together. I just couldn't figure out how it was supposed to go on the for the life of me..
I also cut this whole quilt out on a 9 x 12 mat and a 12" ruler with what I thought would be all I'd ever need to do quilting.
Of course I have enough of this orange and white to do another quilt, as I cut so many out. I also had no idea how to do free motion quilting so I zigged and zagged my way down the quilt. My granddaughter Alex who loves orange called this orange crush and still has it on her bed.
The last quilt I made is the dots of all colours. I love dots (right Helen?) and I found the pattern to do the quilt in the Better Homes and Garden quilting magazine in the winter and ajusted it to fit my fabrics. What a difference a dozen quilts make to one's accomplishments...I don't do complicated quilts I think, but mostly just see something that I think would help me create a quilt for the cottage.
Remember the quilt show we had in the winter? I think this one is to help us get through the summer blahs we are having as the weather isn't helping us at all. So go and get on the float for the parade and have fun looking at other people's quilts.
I am putting together my nine patch that has taken me so much time. It's the weather. It's been raining, cold and damp and no fun to just do my sewing in the sun room with the rain pelting on the roof and it being dark because of the weather.
Thanks for commenting on my mom's birthday on Monday. I am printing it off for her to read your comments. Very much appreciated...
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