Friday, July 10, 2009


Do you know how hard it is to find a photo that

is a "laughing" photo? It's hard, so I found

this shot.

It's time to tell a lake story of the new neighbours. The family has two girls aged 9 and 15 yrs old, wife and husband with lots of extended family that visits...and friends of each of this family.

The story begins with the family plus a mother of wife, and a friend of oldest daughter. There are many females born in this family, so the husband is used to female stuff.

So, when we all leave the cottage, garbage is the prime factor of leaving. If it's hot, we make sure it's in the shaded place for storage, the recycling is usually ,..note, the word here.... usually put into plastic bags and the garbage garbage is put into bins to deter the critters.

So, there was a bit of mix up of the garbage and recycling and the recycle stuff went into the bin and the other stuff into a bag.The male of the family has the garbage responsibility I think.

The story begins with the 5 females, one male in a covered boat 5 miles out in the lake and the wife notices a mouse on the shoulder of said male. She says to her mother not to panic the girls but says to the man of the hour...."Kent there's a mouse on your shoulder, don't startle the girls" So Kent stood up opened the hatch of the boat and flicked the little sucker into the lake and they continued on their trip to the marina, loaded the rest of the garbage, and headed to the dump which is about 3 miles from the marina.

Now, on the way one of the girls sees a mouse in the SUV and it's as they are arriving at the dump, well , within about 3 minutes of the lone male in the vehicle driving up and stopping said vehicle.

As soon as he stopped, out exits 5 screaming and the operative word here is 5 screaming females who made so much noise that it even attracted the bears ,( this is true as the wife related the tale to me in addition of stories we heard)...... , who never come to the dump anymore. The bears arrived at the electric fence, looking at the humans doing their thing....

The other people who are at the dump are stunned to see this spectacle of bodies flying out of the car, running around and yelling for said lone male to "do something!"

As it turns out the male doesn't like the mouse thing any more than the females so he gets a big stick and tries to see if the mouse is under a seat, in the back and is poking around the car.

Now, the dump manager is seeing bears for the first time in about three years, because since the dump was electrified with the fencing, the bears just didn't bother anymore and the manager didn't even have a gun on the property any more....get the picture?

The females are refusing to get in the SUV to drive for three hours with the possibility of the mouse being in the car and poor Kent (dh) is telling them that it is probably gone and to get in the damn car people! It's raining, of course, and every one is getting wet and the vehicle is blocking traffic coming in!

Finally, Mary, the youngest of this crowd says that if they leave a chip in the car, stop at Canadian Tire and buy a trap, put peanut butter on the trap maybe they can catch the mouse or at least with the potato chip if the mouse is there.

Long story short....I hear a week later that the trap is still set in the car, the chip still uneaten and that for the past week none of the females of this family would drive in the car for fear of seeing the poor mouse that probably went out the door screaming after the poking that was given to him....5 doors open ....would you stay in that car?

I am sure as the summer wears on that there will be more stories of these new neighbours...I hope you enjoyed the story...I am still laughing when each of the family members tells the story as they saw it unfold.

On the quilting front, the Parade is in full swing and thanks to so many that entered and it's filling up with lots of interesting quilting stories...

I am finishing my nine patch and it's been spray basted on the table which now has some glue on it and I am awaiting my sweetie giving me varsol I think that will remove the bit I just couldn't remove from the over spraying for some reason. I should have it finished this weekend as we are expecting rain....what else.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to go and see the Parade of Quilts...

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