Thursday, July 9, 2009


My new neighbour here at the cottage has some interesting quilts. The Maple Leaf was done by the owner's grandmother and has had some repairs to it over the years. It fits the single bed so perfectly being displayed with love by its new owners. I am glad that they are using it too as some of these are sometimes stored away and never seen. Hand quilted of course...

The next two were given to them also by Kent's mother who made them with the nine patches being made of scraps from old dresses and even a pair of Kent's pyjas put in for good memories of a past life. Both of these are single size also, and fit
the beds that they are on so well that it looks
like they were made for the guest room that
they adorne. Kathleen (wife of) has decorated
the room around these two beautiful quilts.

The pale yellow sashings really set the quilts off and just make them look so "40s" in their colours and the softness of them.

The two yellows were hand sewn, hand quilted in a very simple design that I could probably almost duplicate with a long meadering stitch with the new machine.

It's rare to find two identical quilts and they are
very happy to have them at their cottage where
Kathleen proudly shows them off and the decor
of the room around these two quilts is quite

Now what is weird is that there is a patch in them that
I found the identical fabric in my grandmother's stash
of goodies...yes really and the fact that these two women
were 400 miles from each other is really something.

Kath also made some cute clothes hangers with flowers from the dollar store finds and for $6.00 she has these amazing decor items on the wall which make the room so cozy. I'll post these at another time...also what she did with the old golf clubs is unique!

I'm making a quilt like these two and the very old fashioned look of them is very cute too. It's Walmart fabric with a few of my little stash that I brought here. I hope I can find a large flat spot to put the quilt together. It's difficult here as my sweetie doesn't have the large work table for me to work on and since I want to spray baste it, I better find a spot without wind and flat enough for me to put the quilt

Hasn't the parade of quilts been great to see? I looked at some of them from my favorite blogs I visit and their firsts look like my last. Sometimes that taking a course thing is very tempting.

The last photo is of my Walmart block. I have run out of the striped fabric. I don't know if any of you go to Walmart often, but we have visited 3 here in the area with no luck in finding the fat quarters that this striped fabric came in. I am short about 14 little squares. You know the math thing...Anyway, I wonder if anyone out there could find this and I will send the monies required to forward it to me. Otherwise, I may make the black block plain and use these as the outside of the quilt. It's not a huge problem for me, but it would be nice to match it.

We are having a perfect day at the cottage...just a light breeze, the lake is calm, we saw a blue heron doing a low fly by this morning looking for a fish near the surface of the water. The hanging baskets have taken a real kicking from the rains and are kind of drooping a bit, but with the sunshine today, they will look great just in time for more rain on the weekend...Oh yeah more rain coming, just what we need.

Thanks for visiting me completes my day.

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