Monday, August 17, 2009


Summer arrived a few days ago! It has been

so warm, the lake is warm enough for me to

have entered it three times! That's three

times more than last year! Wahoo!

Needless to say, not much sewing is going
on here this past week!

Since the weather report was so very good, we called Bob and Mary to come for the weekend!
They were here by 9 am on Saturday morning with the might Quin in tow. He loves me so as I am Wilson's favorite person on earth! I also have a good lap and he likes to spend some time there a lot when he comes to visit.
The lake was so calm in the morning that it was quite hot by 10 am. But then the breezes came and it was perfect. We spent most of the weekend by the lake, sitting and getting a tan for the first time this summer. We all got a bit too much sun, but it's ok, it's summer finally. All up and down the lake cottages, people were swimming, skiing and just hanging out.
The Quinlan's who are on the back side of the island and who always cheer when our skiers go around the island, presented us with a four person ski by and we cheered them and they were hooting right back at us! It was pretty cool to have a bit of a ski show right by our dock.
It's Monday morning and the lake has become quiet of the activities of the weekend. We still have the warm weather, the humidity, but I am so happy this day! Summer is here!
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