Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just a short post today, because yesterday just
about exhausted me, so I am showing you
Jamie Salee and Craig Simpson, he being of the
Edmonton Oilers I think.

Here in Canada, for charity of $100,000.00 there was a competition amongst professional figure skaters and hockey players as partners.

The first few episodes were a bit wobbly, as the guys tried to figure out how to skate with those pics....and to lift the girls and do it all for the money!

I just found this photo and she is spinning in the air, and hold her skate with the other hand. Now I tell you her partner is even looking and saying
OMGG! How'd she do that?

So that's why they won. Jamie Salee and her partner David Pelletier, now her husband won a gold at the olympics in pairs and that's the reason the points counting changed at the olympics. Remember how the Russian judges tried to put the fix on and the world just screamed so loud? Well this girl has it all!

Craig Simpson said the guys took some ribbing for donning figure skates, but he said it was five months of hard work!
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