Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Give Away Month

It seems to me that this must be the big month for giveaways. I just popped in to view Barb's blog and there is a giveaway there by Suzanne Early for having 1000 posts.

Can't even imagine that myself, but she is a busy gal.

Then one of my very favorite and longtime blogger friend Karen at or just click on the side link here and you will find her fabulous blog.

If you don't follow Suzanne, go to Barb's blog (on the sidebar also ) and link to Suzanne.

That way you get to visit these great gals.

Also Bumble Beans (see sidebar) is also having a little giveaway

I don't even have a photo today. I've got the January blues I think. I did buy some great fabrics at the Fabricland sale but am too lazy to take any pics yet...maybe tomorrow.

and not only that the way my blog is looking, with the prints jumping all over the place. I may replace the formatting.
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