Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thank goodness I am not a movie critic. I couldn't make any money at it I am sure just because I would be torn between
giving the director a break and wanting to love the movie.
So, having said that and thinking that since it was directed by
Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings, it had to be really good, not
great but good.
Well it was sort of. The girl in the leading role is excellent as is Susan Sarandon as the grandmother giving some emotional relief to a very sad and what could have been grizzly movie. The picking of the charactors for the film were excellent, Mark Walburg being the surprise of making himself very ordinary yet strong of charactor.
Stanly Tucci who is the murderer in the film was almost totally unrecognizable...but he was bang on in being the killer.
Last night with all the girls, eating popcorn, just being happy to be together, 5 out of 6 loved it. My granddaughter Tory who has read the book twice didn't. She really was right about her choice in the morning light ...(as we critics write) because Peter Jackson had amazing computer generated effects of life between heaven and earth...that's what they were, just fillers to fill up the screen.
It's a sad movie, it's well acted, it's visually right, but it just didn't do it for me this morning when I think of it.
I wanted to like it because it was girls' night out, we were have pizza together (which was yummy) and the fudge which the girls went gaga over.
Read the book!
oh, and a ps here. I'm not doing reviews of a movie again when it has just opened. It's stressful being a critic.
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