Monday, January 25, 2010


I've been in a funk lately, you know, not sewing, not quilting, not doing much of anything pertaining to my addiction....then I received my copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Quilting magazine and down I went to look at my sewing room.

It was a mess and as you can see from the photo on the right there, and this was only one binn! I started by just folding all the fabrics and then sorting through the binns that were filled with all the leftovers of previous works and of course in there was all the fabric that I inherited from my grandmother.

So, I cut 3 1/2 " squares for nine patch little blocks,
then cut some lengths of fabric to match this. I also
cut 2 12" strips to make a coin quilt sometime when
I'm in the mood to put them together.

While I was dejunking I found these triangles from when I first started quilting. I found these from the first quiltS (the orange) and the second quilt (the reds) that I cut out to make quilts for Tory and Alex. the granddaughters who picked out the fabrics for themselves. It's almost three years now. Hard to believe!

I have so many of these left, enough to make a couple more small quilts as a matter of fact. But, I just ironed them ...once again... and put them into one of the storage binns.

Now, I've always, well almost always made a top and then
I quilt it. I found this quilt top in a pile of my junk and
couldn't even remember when I made it, so I decided to
just finish it while I was at it. I used red from one of the
junk bins to bind it and it really looks perfect. I think I
must have done this last spring because Pat Sloan had a weekend quiltathon using orange...of course you know I always have orange...and then I think I made this one because the pattern looks pretty much like Pat's.

I now have a huge garbage bag of little pieces, fabrics that I know I won't use but do feel bad about getting rid of them. I had to be brutal! I don't have a huge amount of fabric and don't know what people do to use up their stash that they have on hand!

Now, I'm all tidied up, have everything in place, almost, which makes the space look so much better than I ever

I wonder how many of us ever go out of our favorite colour schemes. You know I look at some blogs that are always using, say, greens with blues, or whatever makes us happy. I seem to be a bit of all over the place although I do have lots of pinky type fabrics. Of course I have tonnes of white fabric as that seems to make me happy when quilting. Do you find yourself using the same colours, the same designers, or do you often go out of the box and go for it....Just wondering.

We went to see It's Complicated with Alec Baldwin and Merryl Streep, and Steve Martin. Very funny, and it's an adult comedy. I highly recommend it, even though I'm not doing a review, I liked it.

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