Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you remember my friend Helen from the cottage? She's the one that has been teachin me some quilting techniques. Well, she's always been a hand quilter....still is to some extent, but I think she thought that she had to start using up her stash or else Andrea would be inheriting a lot of fabric!

So, she started making machine quilts! I am posting a few for you to see the wonderful work she can do.

This white with navy print is an irish chain, which she loves to do.

This one is such a lovely simple quilt made from what I think is a jelly roll that she had purchased a while back. I love the look of this quilt as it's very cottagy.

Using up fabrics certainly won't be too much of a challenge for her as she has come up with a few other designs for the future!

This one went to her grandson for Christmas. It's flannel from a kit that she has had on hand for a while too.

I loved this top when she showed it to me in the fall before we were leaving the cottage. It was so soft. I haven't worked with flannels but feeling the softness of this I am sure that her grandson is loving the feeling of curling up to watch the hockey game with the quilt wrapped around him.

Note the feet. We all seem to have the same posture! Too funny. We all stand a certain way when displaying our creations.
Bridge day! And lunch with the girls too! The painting of the main part of the house makes it looks so very bright!
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