Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last week I used up a bunch of 4" blocks that I had cut and put in a bin. I thought that I would put the black print border on it.

Well, it really looked awful as I looked at it yesterday, soooooooooo, as an expert picker.....I undid it and made it larger too so that it will be more servicable. I don't know what border I will put on it now, as it is five rows bigger which means I must look for what is left in the strip bin. I do have lots of blue striped fabric, and some yellow checks, but I don't know how much would do yet.

It took me about 15 minutes to remove the sashing, no time at all.
I can use white as a last resort to finish it.

This is a much better size too. It is much more versatile.
I've used up most of the four inch squares. I only have about a hundred left....wahoo!

When I went to the quilt show, I received this red hat
fat quarter from one of the shops. Also the little packet
beside it was a gift from Peggi who said there were all
kinds of goodies in it.

There was! I ate the chocolate bar for energy last night.

It has items that are designed to make my day in the sewing room fun. I don't know if you can read the list but it was cute.

So, since I am meeting my friend for lunch next week
and she belongs to the Red Hat Society, and she
has survived breast cancer and heart surgery as well
I put together a little strippie quilt for her.

I used up a lot of pink here and also plan to do the back in the black and pink dots.

I squared up the fat quarter and went with it. I have just enough of the pink print to do the border.

I haven't received my fabric from Green Fairy Quilts as of yesterday. It does take a bit longer to receive what is considered international mail even from the US. I hope it isn't held up at customs and then they ask me for duty....yuck.

Well, I have my spray glue so nothing should stop me from quilting the unfinished. I swore when I started quilting that I would finish what I started. Well I now have three little projects just sitting awaiting to be finished.

I know that spring will not keep me quilting. It's almost April and I know that by the 24th we will be opening the cottage. I am getting so anxious! There is a pile of stuff in the basement, of course the pile of stuff in my head doesn't help anyone regarding getting "stuff" into the storage bins to take with us.

As Scarlet said."tomorrow is another day!"

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