Monday, March 29, 2010


At quilt shows, I'm sure that the quilts that appeal to one person differ from the next. For me I had to be careful to make sure I was looking at all the different styles of quilting.

The quilt on the right was so cute. It had all the colour elements that made it a simple but totally effective work of art for me. The quilter just had the right stuff to make this quilt really have zing!

It was approximately 50 inches square. The stripes on the border were for me an example of perfect framing.

This blue quilt which I could only get parts of it in the photo was
all hand appliqued which for me would be a lot of work yet it's a simple
quilt in its elements.

It was a large quilt probably would be a queen but fit on a double with lots of hanging over the sides.

I loved the blue as it gave the quilt a very polished look.

For those that do hand quilting and appliques, well this is your baby!

Then there was this gem. It was very white and black.

I'm not into this kind of work, but oh my it really stood out and the eyes looked like they could actually blink!

What a perfect wall hanging this would be in a modern house. this was one of my very favourites of the show.

Then, I came upon this little quilt, well actually not very little, but free motion quilted and look at the little
bear that she did. The whole quilt has all these different
little animals all over the front of it.

I took a few close ups of deer, ducks, dogs, cats and I may post a couple more another day.

Now that's a lot of practice to do these. Wonderful quilt which I'm sure she did a lot of practice to make these animals!

Yesterday, being a rainy Sunday, we more or less lazed around the house not doing much. My sweetie had taped Julie and Julia which we watched later on in the afternoon. I loved it as it was a total chick flick! Meryl Streep is such a fine actress who had the Julia voice down pat. What a love story her life was even without all the cooking stuff.

When we went to lunch at Helen's the other week, she served her Julia Child's french onion soup recipe which was so delicious that I will use this as my favorite from now on.

I remember watching Julia on tv years ago and loved how she was just like me when cooking. Not always ready for prime time, a bit clutzy but still made meals...Fun to watch and I watched one this morning with her making her french didn't look perfect, but I'm sure it was really good!

We also watched The Pacific in its third episode. I'm not sure I like this series...It sure doesn't compare with the Band of Brothers series which had me in its grip from the git go. I still cannot identify the characters when they are telling their story. I find that they all look alike almost. We will continue to watch it, although historically it may be factual, the story doesn't lend itself like the Band of Brothers did.

I know it will be more brutal than the European conflict and I am not sure I can cope with that.

Well this coming weekend is Easter. Our gang is coming for brunch. Planning ahead is what I like to do, so I'm thinking....Rhubarb coffee cake, parmesean chicken, sausage strata, fruit plate, (Kelly) also Mary is making a salad and asparagus and tomatoe parmesean for veggies...Sounds pretty yummy to me so far...

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