Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I went to my very first quilt show! That in itself is a surprise to me, but the fact that I was invited by my blogging buddy Peggi that only lives blocks from me is the biggest of the surprises.

Imagine that! Here we have been following each other's blogs and only a couple of weeks ago realized we were really in close proximity to each other....

I loved this teapot quilt which reminded me of Roz who
has been doing some pots also.

This next photo is shown for the quilting that was done. The quilt was quite large and hanging in a small space so the onlygood shot I had was picking one appliqued block. This was a queen size quilt I think and it had various shades of blues making it a very effective and simple quilt. I loved this one so much.

There were other colours to compliment the retro look of this quilt. Very effective.

Now I know that some shows don't have too many what I would call modern quilts, but this one did. The show wasn't large but the guild in Etobicoke which put the display on had lots and lots of different quilters showing their creative sides.

This simple black and white quilt with little bits of colours popping up all over it was fabulous.

The quilt had lots of various fabrics in it and many looked like men's shirtings. The beiges were so subtle that at first it just looked black and white....really a great quilt.

Now what would a quilt show be without ORANGE! Yes of course I found this one. Peggi saw it first and as the joke goes....she said ooooh
Orange Nanci! Yes, this was spectacular! There was a woman next to
us who said she was a yellow freak and lots of laughs were exchanged
over quilters obsessing about their favourite colours.

I liked the quilt, but the blue that was on the border just didn't do it for me. I don't know what colour I would have put with this quilt, but it would not have been this pattern. I thought it needed a more modern fabric. The fish on the side were super, but it was the fabric.

Oh, yes me the expert.....don't I say?

Now this quilt which is also a lot of black and whites, was really super and the border colours just made this quilt sing. The little pieces of sashings were fabulous accents to the whole process.

I don't know why the camera cut off some of the photos, but you get the idea. My first quilt show was fun. The guild had gloves given out so that if you wanted to touch the quilts...use the gloves...neat idea I thought.

There were of course vendors but I thought that $5.00 for a fat quarter was quite a lot. Me, being the 50% off sale queen sure didn't see any bargains.

The entry fee included a free fat quarter from one of the shops, which was pretty good, but not their "select" fat quarters, but I got one for the red hat society and will make something out of it for my friend who has survived breast cancer and heart surgery too. I love it. I may have to ask Peggi for hers too as she picked the same fat quarter.

Our driver, known as Peggi's dear heart also got a free fat quarter which Peggi picked out. And of course here is how my luck is....I bought Peggi's ticket, hand her the booklet.....and she won a door prize...but being kind she gave it to me. It's a lovely little sail boat with a quited sail perfect for the cottage.

I do have a few more photos of the show which will come another day. Just a note that Peggi picked up her Gwen Marsten quilting book of Liberated quilts and what fabulous photos in there. She didn't give the patterns but techniques for inspiring yourself to be creative....I can do that!

We also stopped in at a little quilt shop which I can't remember the name of right now, which had great bargains on bamboo batting, but you know me....a jelly roll 30% off but when I added it up, it still came to $50.00 Canadian....way too much money even if it was Oh Cherry Oh! Tempting I tell you.
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