Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I found these red squares left over from a project
of about 2 years ago. I actually used them in two
quilts but still had some left over.

Since I'm using up stash, I put them together to make a simple quilt for a gift.

Making quilts is so gratifying for me as I get lost in my thoughts, go with the flow, and start to put colours together to create a one of a kind quilt.

All quilts are one of a kind because each person puts their own touches to the project. It's what makes quilting so unique.

Trying to decide on pin wheels or just the simple points of the reds which was what worked best for this lap quilt.

I did use some new fabric though, darn, it's the stripes that just worked with these colours.

Of course you can see that it went together quite quickly. In a day as a matter of fact and without too much mess in the sewing room so it wasn't hard to leave it and come back another day to finish.

Life took over for a couple of days as Ikea called and we went shopping for a new side table for Mary's bed (neighbour) ended up buy a lovely tv stand which will serve perfectly, and of course some of their napkins for the cottage season coming up.


With the weather being almost 60 degrees, actually in the back yard it was 70 because of the south facing patio, we were able to have coffee out there yesterday at 9 am. Now how good is that for March?


We did drive north to cottage country to view new lakes, and road access cottages for sale in a few areas.

Eventually we will move to one domain. We know that as we get older that the island cottage just will be too difficult for both of us to manage. It's a dilemna that faces us all, that getting older thing and stairs of course being always in the forfront. Not yet though, but we are thinking ahead.


There will definitely be a room for me to quilt in with a bright window area as I love the sun shining in. When I think of how so many of us do our quilts and or crafts, we are often assigned to the dingiest places. I'm not complaining as I could be in the guest room which is never used, and I did choose the basement area because it's large. I just know that so many of us use as little space as possible so as not to disrupt the rest of the family.


We are still doing very very well in our endeavours to loose some weight. Low carbing is so much easier to cook, goodness my time in the kitchen is so much less and I have found some yummy recipes too. So we are both down sizes in clothes which now fit so much better. We cut out bread as the biggest sinner in our diet and of course pasta. I'm feeling much more energized because of this I'm sure.


Today is bridge day, lunch with the girls!
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