Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A sure sign of spring for me as Acadian born that I am is that fiddleheads are ready to be picked!

I can't remember a time when I didn't eat these delicacies. They are tender, taste a bit betweein asparagus and spinach I suppose but, oh so much better.

There is a very short window of opportunity to pick them for their best flavour. The time is usually the first couple of weeks at the end of april or first of May depending on the weather.

Well, Sunday one of my boys, Martin to be exact and his friend Carolyn went picking for me. Due to the hip thing, I really couldn't have bent over to do the job of harvesting these little critters.

They freeze well too, did I say that? Well they do,
I just blanch them for about 2 minutes in the
steamer and pat them dry, freeze for whenever I
get the urge.

There are many recipes for fiddleheads, but simply
cook them till just tender, drain, rinse, and add a bit
of butter and vinegar to taste and YUM!

I have been on a stall on the fans! Need I say more?
Decisions, decisions and more. So, I'm going to sew them by machine using the blanket stitch and leave the lessons of the hand part for the dahlia quilt.

This is a big project while the dahlia one that I posted last week is much smaller. With that in mind, and also I noted that Sunshine (at The Cutting Edge on my blog roll) has done some amazing curved piecing and used her machine to do her curves.
Her work is aways so interesting. So have a peak.

I'm going to relax and enjoy making my fans today, even
though the weather is so lovely. We are still in the city,
but come Thursday afternoon, the cottage beckons.

Enjoy the day!

PS...did I see that Crazy Mom Quilts is coming back?

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