Friday, April 16, 2010


First, I want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement yesterday when I blogged about my very ambitious project!

I didn't know that I should have cut the foundation block about an inch larger...thank you very much for tell me that...the pattern did not state that!

Also, nowhere did the pattern say how hard it would be to turn those curved suckers! Nosireebob! No statement to that effect!

After getting lots of comments about doing this, I tried, lord knows I tried for a long time to practice on those extra pieces to make them look like the samples on the quilt pattern.

Didn't happen. I may need to make something so that I can indeed curve the tops. I was very very frustrated. I am going to see if Helen can show me how to do this without my going nuts! I don't know how you hand quilters do it! I am now understanding what
makes you tick...

So, then after thinking about it, I did make a practice square by using a blanket stitch that I think Jane or Anya (bloggers extraordinaire) did sometime back and thought that my Janome must have this stitch.

So, without much frustration! Some, but not much I say, I managed to do this block. My sweetie, who is always coming up with opinions (I didn't ask for this one) said that it was nice, but didn't look like the hand quilted one in the photo......NO, it DOESN'T. But, it looks pretty good.

So, I'm putting this away till I see Helen, and if I don't get the hang of this, then, I shall do it in the blanket stitch, and improvise the finishing.

Since I use cotton batting for most quilts, I'm thinking poly to do some hand work, I'll need advice on this. I know that Helen used a silk batting on one of her quilts, but I don't want to spend that kind of money on this . What do you use to hand quilt an ordinary project?

I'm further thinking, yes the mind is reeling from all the goings on! I'm further thinking that I shall do the bottom in yellow, and not blue, finish the border in yellow which would make it go with the nine patch I did last summer and be on the bunk bed with that one.

Always thinking folks, always thinking. However, I must put this to print as my mind is like a sieve and I shall have forgotten it all by tomorrow.

Again, thank you those that left the little comments of advice. I probably wouldn't have started it all if I had read them.before, as it is a daunting endeavour for me to do on my own, which is why I'm waiting till I get to the cottage.

Have a fun weekend.

PS, just noted Green Fairy quilts is have a jelly roll sale, $25.95 ea. Lots of them.
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