Sunday, May 16, 2010


Oh boy were we entertained! I'm never one that has said, you know
how much I loved this guy! Well he was funny, he was quick with the
repartee, he totally amazed me and I laughed and ooohed and aaahed
for about 2 hours. Just short of that really, but it seemed like 15
minutes, because the show just rolled so quickly.

We saw him at Casino Rama where I'd never been for those of you who live in Ontario and know that it's near Orillia. 5,000 people in the theatre. I never knew that people, that many anyway would go to shows like this.

Now I know. We were also about 4 rows back with Helen, and her honey so we could see it all. My sweetie who is such a sceptic (?)
was totally and I mean totally entertained!

What more can I say, except thank you so much to our friends who had us for dinner, ribs extraordinaire, we got to sleep in what was like a hotel suite with total luxury!

We are back home, rested and today will be a shopping day for the next couple of weeks at the cottage.

I am also heading to Fabricland this morning with my list of goodies I require with instructions from the birthday girl of last week for a maple leaf quilt....Shades of red? Not for her...."Nana, just plain red and white!" It was her tone that made it clear....Well I may get a teeny bit creative with it still.

I think that spring is finally here as we are now in the mid 60s with sunny days ahead. I hope when I return to the lake that the hummingbirds will have arrived.
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