Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I started out today by actually hand sewing all the stems of the flowers. How good was that? It was so relaxing. Ok, I didn't do the bias binding, Helen made it last night.

She made it as one continuous piece of fabric then she cut the fabric and voila! All the stems were done in no time at all!

Today she was back and made enough of the bias binding to finish off this quilt! I'm quite please with her work! But , she didn't press it! She rolled it all up neatly (of course) and tied it well so that It will come off the roll so beautifully when the time comes to add the binding.
I managed to do one strip of flowers but for some reason even though I measured (I really did) I was a bit off at the bottom so I had to kind of squeeze the last little daisy (I'm calling them that) on the panel.
I think there was a bit of creative licence on my part so the
next two panels will be as close to this one as possible.

The directions weren't totally specific about the stem part, so I just made it all one and pressed my flowers over it.

I also realized that if there wasn't stabilizer (?) on the back to make it stick that the fabric moved a bit. So I had to spray a couple of pieces.

Improvising as I went along as usual for me anyway.

I also used the blanket stitch (needle down) which was just what went wrong with the first sample of this baby!

Here are a couple of the flowers. I am so happy you can't imagine and this is so very cute too! I'm definitely keeping this one.


Now I bought Hunky Dory by Chez Moi for this but really except for the first few pieces, there were lots that I wouldn't buy if I was buying yardage. It's pretty, but it also has lots of yucky greens and wishy washy beiges too. It's not like the Swanky one I bought last year.

I just wouldn't recommend it as a favourite.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the flowers, then, the piecing of the whole quilt.. Helen is here to help if I need her.

A georgous day at the lake today. Wine and cheese on the dock!

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