Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was kind of a yucky day so I sat at the sewing table and put together the rest of the daisies.

I'm not enamoured with the whole thing. I don't know why, it's a lovely design even though I realized once I started doing the flowers, that I'm not into the flower thing. I like them fresh in a bouquet I think or in the garden.

I decided not to put the whole 24 flowers into the design
as I'd really not liked it at all.

It's not the geese! I like those. I'm sure many of you have
done this too. Loved the pattern in the magazine then,
when you do's just doesn't grab you.

I am going to finish it mind you as I have so many hours
into it now and all the fabrics are cut out. But, I'm not
sending it out to be quilted. Nope! I received an email
from Trish at Compulsive Quilting and she suggested that I outline the geese, then stipple the rest and I'm doing that.

There is still a 10" border to go around the patterns so it will finish quickly now.

My sweetie looked at it and said he thought it was great and so much work, and best of all he said that I had learned new techniques! I did and will definitely do the geese again, but flowers aren't really my thing.

I have some left over and will make the effort of doing
a couple of pillow cases to finish it.

So you can see the geese are sitting on a chair just waiting for me to finish it all. I'm a bit bummed by it even though the sewing effort was well worth it. I learned . That's what this was about wasn't it? What did I learn?

That I usually do my own thing and I should stick to that most of the time.

Tomorrow, weather permitting we are off to the mainland to purchase paint for the two, count them two addirondac chairs or as they are know here Bear Chairs for the dock. I'm looking forward to going to town where more than three people in the post office at a time is a crowd!

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