Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have a blogger friend "Giraffe Dreams" which I started to follow
one day when I noted the blog's different.

I asked, why the name and she said that she loved the gentle
giants and had decided to call her blog after them.

This morning, I noted this lovely little wall quilt she has just made and it reminded me of Botswana! I didn't even know much about how she came to make the quilt, just the photo said it all to me. So, I've named it Botswana Dreams for her.

I just love the little houses, the whole colour compositions, the simplicity of it all, and most special.....the giraffe!

My cousin and her husband are in Botswana this summer and my cousin has posted this photo that she took of the giraffe that was so close to her she could have touched it!

What an adventure for this young woman and her family, the husband is a doctor who studies tropical infectious diseases or
something like that, but whatever it is the family is in Botswana!

We often watch "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency"
on HBO and the quilt reminded me of it right away as
the art work at the intro of the show is similar in colour

The photo of the giraffe and my cousin (next photo) reminds me of how different we all are on this planet.

My cousin has taught school in Malawi, she loves Africa and finds its diversity compelling.

So when we look at blogs, we see something in a name that catches our eye....have a look see, and we find what makes us all so different in this blogging world which is mostly quilters in our spheres.

The children are studying physics in this class. I noted how simple the classroom is and of course the uniforms that all children wear in most countries, except Canada and the United States.

I remember our visits to Caribbean islands and each village would have different characteristics to their uniforms so as to denote their village.

I awoke this morning around 6 am. yeah, I'm an early riser due to the dog thing...I stepped out on the deck
to find a huge orange ball in the sky, and one on the
lake also. It was hard to photograph as I was facing due east right into the sun.

I took about a half dozen shots trying to make it happen, so the best I could do was show this one.

It is HOT. I think when we reach the 30 celcius, or high 90s in degrees, what when we add the humidity, well it is up there for sure.

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

I don't know how everyone tackles the sewing on days like this. Mind you we don't have air conditioning at the cottage and everything is so sticky right now because of the humidity. Thank goodness for the fans.

Gosh, this blog was longer than I expected. That's what happens when I don't post very often.

I got a note from Amanda Jean....she has 16 projects on the go....16! I bogg down at one...but we agree we both love what white does....wait and see!
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