Thursday, July 8, 2010


I started my annual nine patch quilt at the cottge today. Well actually a couple of days ago I made the strips, you know the shortcut method? Well guess what?

I didn't figure on enough white centres, so I've got a lot of blues left without centre whites or centre blues without whites on the side. I'm a great stitch picker, so this afternoon I'll be taking half of them apart.

Helen isn't here of course to show me the easy way of doing things, math being my mind blanking as usual.

But when I did the mauve (we pronounce it mo here in
Canada,) I thought half and half and it worked out! Thank
you my sweetie who guided me regarding half and half
centres white or prints.

This is the view from my sewing area. The bee balm, aka monarda which is a perennial that hummingbirds love, is blooming! Spectacular blooms for the next couple of months. It's so long blooming that I don't know why it isn't more popular!

The plant does love the sun though, so where it is on the septic bed is where there is the most sunlight. I also have lilies there to compliment the red, but lilies, as much as I love them don't last long. Exception is the wild orange ones that grow everywhere and I do have
those here as well. Daisies are always welcome anywhere, they are wild and I spread the seeds each year.

The bee balm also has scented leaves which can be dried to add to pot pourri.

I was reading one of the blogs yesterday where there was a brand new Bernina given as a gift from a wonderful husband to his lady!
Well of course after sewing for 30 years on a second hand Bernina, the new model was a thrill to say the least.

This morning while piecing, I was thinking of sewing machines and how much progress has been made to make our tasks so easy. I think that the automatic cutter is my favourite addition to the sewing machine. I have a Janome 6600 which I just love. Here in Canada we don't have Juki, or I'd have probably looked at that one too.

The second thing I do love is the table that I got with the sewing machine. Everything is level and I never get back aches any longer because the table is perfection for piecing.
Also noted on the new Bernina was the independent bobbin winder. I have that too, loving it as much as the lady does the one on her new machine.
I'm getting my Spring Quilt back this weekend, will save about $70.00 to have it basted. I don't know why the quilt shop in Oshawa wanted so much, but no matter, Helen will take it to her lady in Orillia.
Everyone has left the island this week. It's very very hot, so, my job has been to keep plants watered for the new neighbours and Helen's precious sun impatients. The weather is supposed to change overnight so the natural rain should help all of us. I do this little job as I know that if I left for a bit, one of them would look after my gardens for me.

Enjoy the season, it doesn't last long...all the veggies are at the roadside stands...can't wait till the weekend guests (Bob and Mary) arrive with the goodies!
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