Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night around midnight we awoke to the worst noise of the night ever at the cottage.

There was crashing of our garbage bins, which needless to say awoke us from a sound night's sleep.

We jumped out of bed....well as much as two people who hobble can, to see what the devil was out there!

In the ten years we have been here, never and I mean never have the coons been able to open the garbage bins which are a Rubbermaid that I no longer can find.

The bins have a lock top and no raccoon has ever been able to figure out how to open them.

Well, last night three were destroyed along
with smashed tops and dragged about 200 ft
up the hill behind the cottage.

We didn't see a critter at all, we only saw one bin moved and broken at this time. Then I suppose an hour or so later as we had brought in one bin which only had some paper in it, and thought that was it, we were awaken once more.

Again this banging of bins, which was the bin with the tins and glass which makes an awful noise anyway, out we go to see that now only the bin with the glass and tin is left!

How could a raccoon carry three bins with garbage up over the septic bed and up a hill I ask you? I think it was a bear which would be in transit as we
don't have enough food to sustain bears on the island except of course garbage now and then. So the bears would move island to island then to land for the winter season in any event.

Now, as you know I still have my little hummers around, so for the first time ever, there was a destroyed feeder hanging about 10 ft off the steps usually which was broken and a tooth or claw mark on the feeder part!

In the middle of the night, the second time around the dog got out and headed up the hill. Of course being a Westie he doesn't come when called and we shouted loud enough to wake the dead! " You little......get back here!" Finally, we got the leash out and started up the hill with a flashlight, the leash, following all the garbage and finally the stupid dog sees the leash and thinks he's going for a walk so he comes running to the leash! Holy s...., we started laughing at the two of us, in slippers jackets, flashlights, and a dog with a wagging tail....

Today, my sweetie is building a bomb proof shelter for the garbage. Whether it was a bear or raccoon, we will be secure from any more invasions. I'll take a photo when it's done, but not today, it's a secret project.

NB> the photos are web shots, not the actual invadors!
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