Monday, September 13, 2010


Do you remember being nine months pregnant and getting an incredible burst of energy?

Well this happened to me today! I'm telling you I can't get over it and I'm still in the mode as I write this!

This fabulous loon with a young appeared close to our dock this weekend. Helen saw it eating a fish! At first she wondered what it had in it's mouth, then realized that it had just come up from fishing off her dock.

I had the telephoto handy and managed to get
a few shots of this magnificent creature!

We had a new roof put on our "little" bunkie. it was a huge mess when the roofers took the old shingles off the roof and there was so much little bits of tar and hemlock needles that came through the ceiling that my sweetie and Bob, (who is really anal when it comes to cleaning) took everything out of the bunkie, vacuumed, washed and put everything back to make it look like it is ready for guests!

Our season is winding down so I don't think anyone will actually come to use it again this year
so we will probably start putting umbrellas, chairs
lifejackets and anything else in it for the winter

This morning, after having coffee I started cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, the fridge, and the big green cupboard in the family room to put it all in order.

You know me, I'm so in need of a new hip and I hobble around now that I'm only about nine weeks till surgery, so where I got this energy is beyond me!

The kitchen is super clean, the cupboards all tidied, even dinner was prepped as I was doing
all my kitchen stuff.

Still on the move, I cut out and sewed two, yep count em two of the above bags, only used beige straps, then cut out a pair of pyjamas bottoms and sewed those suckers up too!

My sewing area is now a bit lighter and I'm feeling good about my day. I took the dog for a short walk to the neighbours as he just needs to go a bit to feel he's been away...stupid dog, it took me about 7 minutes total, there and back.

We had actually planned to go for a boat ride this afternoon but the wind came up, the docks are rolling once again and we are expecting thunder and lightning and the rain that follows.

My sweetie thinks we should prepare to have a wood fire soon as it's going to get cooler quite quickly, but still the humming birds are here, two of them today at the feeders.

I've managed to get more done today than I have all this summer...where did that come from?

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