Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are early to bed people, have been for years, but when our grandson asked us to meet him at the airport at 1 am, well we stayed up, (didn't dare sleep in case) and went to the airport to see our boy get off the plane with two medals from the Pan Am Canoe/Kayak Competition in Mexico City.

He was met with open arms by his blurry eyed Poppa!

We viewed a silver and a bronze medal from his first international competition!

When asked what was the best thing? He said it was
the experience of meeting new people, and learning
that Mexico City air is unlike anything he has
ever experienced! He was happy to breath fresh
air in Canada! But loved the people who were
very friendly.

A few weeks back I won a book from Sweet P Quilting, and it has finally about snail mail...I'm reading something else right now, but have read a few pages of this little book which looks interesting.

Next read for me, then I'm having a giveaway to send it on to someone else. Thank you Paulette!

12 days to go!

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