Friday, October 15, 2010


It's Thanksgiving at Mary's....we are making a
tradition of invading Mary and Bob's for great
food, great conversation, and I get to see these
three granddaughters who give me joy!

Thanksgiving is a family affair, although with so much going on in the lives of the family, and the distance to travel, only part of us get together.

Bob and Mary are a small family, but they cook big! We eat big and fill in all the empty seats that Mary can place!

This year, we had glorious weather. We were all gathered around the pond that is spectacular and Bob's hobby with the fish and waterfall and grasses making the back yard an oasis!

The girls hadn't really seen the yard before, in full fall bloom so lots of photos were taken.

Thanksgiving for us means the close of the cottage which is always sad, but also the new beginning of the "dinner circuit" as we call dinner parties at home.

This year, Thankgiving means a new hip for me, which means no more hobbling.
It's my favourite !
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