Friday, January 28, 2011


I have one daughter.  Only one, so she has all the responsibilities that those with two or more share.  Daughters are for life.  Daughters are our memories keeper.  Daughters are so like us that it gets scary.  Daughters also are so different.   Daughters are sometimes the people we wish we were more like them.

This is mine.. Kelly is a July baby..  She is a cancer...if you look up cancer people, she is it.  She has been a great goal setter for her family.  Her life is family.  Her children know the sacrifices she has made so that they may achieve their dreams.

She is the most loving aunt, and both Tory and Alex will attest to this.  She is the best step daughter anyone could ask for, my sweetie will attest to this.  She is the best daughter, I attest to this.

Thank you for being my daughter.
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