Monday, January 31, 2011


I bought a new computer on the weekend.  Acer, pretty basic.  I'm like the dog and can't see how to work it for the life of me!

The keys are in different places, so I keep doing this...\\\\ because the capitalizing icon is to the left of that \\\.  I also have a caluclator on this thing, so the keyboard is over a bit from my last one.

But, let me tell you...\\\\\\\I bought it at Future Shop in Oshawa, about 15 minutes drive from my home.  Chris, the salesperson was wonderful in dealing with a woman who basically blogs, emails, and seaches for quilting stuff.

I am having fun with it till the geeky guy named Bob  comes over to put the photos in pictures, the favourites in their spot, the emails entered.  Can't wait.

So to Chris at Future Shop, thanks, and Acer for giving me a large screen, wahoo!
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