Thursday, February 17, 2011


 Here is the wonky star in full mode from Helen who raised over $100.00 for the auction in Kearny last weekend.  A surprise for her that so much was bid, then finding out that a friend had bought it too!  She is very very happy to know it went to a good home.

Also posted from Helen is a throw she made for her mom who is now in a retirement home after 93 years of living independently.  Helen added the buttons for little details of a simple throw. 

Now you know why I keep her busy with
questions about quilting and needle work.

Note the antique sideboard behine the chair.  It's just one example of the Canadian and American antiques she has throughout her lovely home. 

Funny that we are such good friends, as I am totally modern in my decor and her love is older the better...

I've not posted as Shay noted, for a while.  I do think the grey days, the long winter days which are almost over have affected me.  I just don't feel like sewing much.  I've been a knitting fool, making more socks, and the fingerless gloves which now have thumbs, be it not fancy but cute!

The knee guy is doing his work of therapy very well, getting thoroughly bored with reading and tv, but  is happy to have progressed to the cane at least half the walking times.  Good after four weeks since replacement.

Please send sunshine to us here in Whitby...we need it! 
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