Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My friend Helen (private teacher at the cottage) loves the Ohio Star quilt block as one of her favourites.  She has made a few different quilts using this block. 

So, it's not surprising that she made this one making it a wonky star.  I only managed to get this photo from her, but her free motion work is so lovely.  She loves to outline the stars, feeling that it makes them stand out.  I think she is correct in this.  This quilt was made for a charity auction last weekend to promote dog sled racing in Ontario.

 I like nine patch.  I've made three
variations of this quilt. My sweetie uses this one for his lap quilt, I have one with pink border, and also a smaller one with another blue border.

I love the white in these quilts.  I saw a white quilt at crazy mom's blog this past week which reminded me of how white truly pops colours when used.   Don't you agree?

We are awaiting warm weather this coming Thursday.  In Canada we count the days till it arrives as it truly is a sign that spring is not too far away.  In Arkansas, where |Karen Quilts lives, she is almost rid of all her bits of snow.  I'm hoping for the warmth of the sun to rid us of a good deal of it over the next few days.  We are all feeling the cold I think, none more so than Barb as she moved from Samoa to the Eastern seaboard.  This winter has been a shock to her system.  Spring is coming, spring is coming, I keep saying that to myself all the time.....

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