Monday, March 14, 2011


 I  havent' been good about quilting or
blogging lately.  I've just not felt like it for some reason.

I actually haven't been doing much actually.

What you ask have I been doing?

 Well last week for example, I watched "chess on ice" otherwise known as Curling.  The Canadian
championships were on tv for most of the afternoons and the evenings.  So there went days.  I knit while watching the above.  When it got exciting, I knit faster.  Of course it was very exciting so I did knit socks and more socks and fingerless gloves to go with same.

I wish I could say that the quilt top was my doing, but alas, my friend
Penny...aka Harmony Hopes who lives in Ottawa had commented last year that she wanted a quilt done in free motion, but for the life of her she just didn't have the knack of doing this.  So I said that she should send it to me.

It arrived around the first of January, (I did say I've been in a bit of a funk)  and Penny did say "no rush".  Well here it is.  I can't tell you enough about the hand pieced letters on the back.  They are perfection!  My blogging hand quilters, Crispy and Karen, adding of course Helen would just love this work of art.  And she wanted this free motion quilted!

It's fabulous dahlings!  I've finished it and it's going out in the mail tomorrow.

My granddaughter Tory is a natural at sewing seams, so she is sewing her first dress this week!  Being a size 8 isn't too hard to cut out.  And while she is doing that, I should be trying to put some semblance of order to my sewing area.

I've  been reading a lot of blogs that have included their "spring" cleanup of sewing areas.  So I must follow suit and do mine.

Cheers everyone...hopefully I am back to blogging.
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