Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 Do you dream of having the most fabulous sewing area?

Do you do your sewing from a kitchen table, or even use the dining room table which isn't used all that much except for special occasions?

I found these few rooms in the Better Homes Quilting site.  I did tag the names when I first copied the photos, but now of course that I am
blogging, their names escape me and
for fear of erasing this post, suffice to say, I am not naming names but  these are pretty dreamy rooms.

One of the rooms appears to be in a basement with a walk out,  the other in a loft of sorts,  so I thought I would show you what is an actual unstaged place where I do my
creative work in the winter months.

 This is probably the most basic "studio"......
Oh I have lots of shelving, lots of room, lots of light, the floor is easy to sweep, but it doesn't look like the studios of some.

Whenever we talk of moving to another house, the first thing my sweetie says is that I am going to have a room with large picture windows to bring in daylight.

This photo is more to my liking of a room with lots of light.  It's bright, there is a working area that says it is practical, not too big to make too big of a mess.

I do like yellow, so I want a room like this.  I'd have my machine built into a different size table as I think I'd need more room at the back, but basically this is pretty nice.

What's your space like?  At the cottage I have a small corner, my sewing is all in a bin, but I do have large and lovely views.  Can't wait to get back there.

  Helen's sewing area is about the size of mine at her cottage.  We get so much more done in the summer months where the fresh air inspires us to just do it.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day.  My youngest son met his wife on that day....they both had green tongues from drinking green beer....we are going to my SIL to have a boiled dinner...can't wait.
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