Friday, March 18, 2011


 It's a compelling photo, it's horrific, it's an unbelievable event!

The people of Japan have been hit by the biggest catastrophe of our life time.  Yet...

The era we live in gives us a glimpse into what happens as it happens, therefore we saw this on live tv...

 To see the remains of a village, the loss of life, the  photo of a couple looking through the debris of what had been their home for anything to remind them of a life before last week!
 This damage to a reactor is not to be believed except that we saw it explode right before our eyes.  Even after this, the people of Japan showed what they are made of.
 Here we see rescue workers, searching for life amongst the ruins, most of them carry red flags to denote the dead in this rubble.  They also have relatives underneath the rubble, yet even after this, they carry on.
 Can we even imagine living through this?  Can we imagine where one begins after being witness to a 40ft high wave destroying all that was in  its path?  And yet here is the coping of the Japanese people.

And here is the  power of a culture.  I see this photo and weep for the enormity of grief of these people!

After it all, the people lined up in orderly fashion to enter a grocery store.  Not a one was thinking of hoarding, of not entering the queue in the right spot of not being polite to each other. 

In this store, because of rolling blackouts the cash stopped working. What did the people do?  They started putting their items back on the shelves in orderly fashion and went out to join the line ups again!

They bowed to the clerks as they left.  Not one incident of looting has been reported in this country.  Yes, the people of Japan deserve to be our favourite people this week.

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