Tuesday, April 5, 2011


 Last fall I received Samoan jellies from Barb, at bejeweled quilts.  She sent them before she moved back to the cold of North America.   I love the colours, bought the blue to really pop the blues in the nine patch, although I have yet to pick a colour for the back. 

It's very bright in real life, as most quilts are.  The top measures about 46"  which is perfect for a lap quilt. I am going to quilt it at the cottage I think.

This little bag has such a history.  It was 50 years and counting when I took it apart on the weekend to make another for my mother who has cherished it for that long.

She bought this original in Tortola, BVI, where she had her beach bar.  Ah, those were the days, sipping pina coladas, watching sunsets from Cane Garden Bay...but I digress.

Originally the bags, made of heavy canvass came from Britain.  Very very sturdy fabric which says it all.  Anyway, my mother found a sailmaker in Tortola, had him make hundreds of these bags alone with about five
other designs and sailors who visited just couldn't
resist them! 

I did the best I could to replicate the little bag, quilted it for her and only hope that she likes it.  Sometimes she doesn't like bags too bright.  We shall see.  If not, one of the girls will have it for sure.

As I said, I'm sewing, so I also made these flying geese, actually 76 of them ala Eleanor Burns pattern to make
them quickly.

Actually, after cutting out the squares, the pattern makes four in about 5 minutes, including the pressing.

I might make the top and take this to quilt at the cottage too.

Today is another gray rainy day, so I'm going to sew.

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