Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 I made all these geese.  Followed the pattern right to the letter.  Measured. Cut.

I didn't notice BEFORE I started sewing them up that they actually are a bit off here and there.  Now how did this happen?

My friend Mary noticed it when I was looking for background colours.
The only colour one can use is white
as this top is very bright.  I had now
sewn them all up, probably could
have tried seperating them before I sewd them up but what the heh, this is for a bunk bed at the cottage.

It's not unusual to see geese flying out of formation is it?

These geese were done using the make four quick geese ala Eleanor Burns.  The print is a double sheet that Mary bought and the green is from Fabricland which I bought on sale.  Weird .
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