Monday, April 4, 2011


 Yes, I'm posting on  a Monday.  I am back sewing and knitting still.

I found these jellies at Walmart.  Walmart!  They really are bright and  the price was $20.00 for the two of them which have 20 pieces in each.

I have a couple of simple ideas to use these and also some prints to just
have a few tops finished to do quilting
when we move to the cottage next

Friday was a happy day for us as we had the pleasure of waiting over an hour for our grandson  at the airport, he was flying  in from Orlando.   His return means that his mother will now have laundry, laundry, laundry as this guy uses up a lot. Not to mention the consumption of food either.

He actually did a lot of his projects while training in Florida this year.  It's a sure sign of maturity on his part.

Then, we went to Bob and Mary's (across the street) to sit in the sunshine and sure enough
I saw a cardinal, (not this one as I stole this
photo) and a few robins.  The robins are so
vocal this time of year.  I suppose it's their
mating time.

It's April, so of course we are in raining mode this week.
I don't care...I'm sewing.
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