Friday, April 1, 2011


 Our fallen soldiers upon returning home, fly into Trenton Military Base here in Ontario.

The autopsies which are required for these soldiers who bravely served in the Afgan war are done in Toronto.

The people from across the province know when the hearse carrying our young men, will travel from Trenton to Toronto.  It started out quite quietly as things happen in Canada, people started lining the overpasses along the 401, or the official name for the highway is Trans Canada Highway.....people brough their Canadian flags, the firedepartments brought trucks with large flags on the sides, the police lined the highways and saluted the procession as it went by. This route is now called the Highway of Heroes.

This, we hope has helped the families who follow the procession to know that the fallen are recognized for their effort in the war.

This week, as we were looking for properties in the Trenton area we came upon such a sad happening.  At Cobourg, which is about a half hour from Trenton, we were entering the highway, we glimpsed about 150 people on this small overpass most with flags, just standing quietly, cars haulted, the hearse and its procession of cars moved west towards Toronto.

We were now behind the procession, no cars pass the hearse or the limos of the family that follows its son, father, husband.  Every overpass  we came to was covered with people and the firetrucks.  At Oshawa there was an engine!The engine had the biggest flag, and about 50 people were standing there.

It's the least we can do isn't it?

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