Friday, July 1, 2011


 Our life is ever changing these days.  We have moved from our house to the cottage as our permanent home till October at least.

So, of course Bob and Mary have given us a suite in their lovely home for us to feel less stressed.  I tell you it's a spa.  The feeling of total comfort, privacy and peace was with
us the first night we slept in this
awesome space!
In the morning after, we had coffee with the fish!  Bob has an amazing pond with koi fish, and  gold fish of some kind that I managed to take photos one morning.  They are so beautiful, with the waterfall and the lilies, I tell you we were so happy to have them as friends.

On a side note, this turtle was leaning against the back tire of our truck when we last headed back to the city to pack up.  The reason I show this is the blogger (#%^%$^) you know how I feel about blogger sometime.  Well blogger put this one ahead of the next photo.  Any way, this sucker was trying to lay eggs at the marina as we were trying to leave.  We got a paddle out of the boat
to move her along.  This is the time of
year for turtles in Ontario to lay eggs and
many roads have signs "turtle crossing"
which we are supposed to stop and assist
if in fact we see a turtle crossing.  It really
happens a lot that people help the turtles
cross the country roads.

This last photo is of the dogs awaiting the activities in the backyard at our friends.  There is so much activity there what with the birds, the chipmunks, the odd mouse, rabbit and groundhog that keeping vigil is their favourite passtime. 

Mine is to laugh.  I never will have high blood pressure and watching the antics of these two dogs is enough to keep me normal.

So, we were 15 minutes from exiting our former home when my sweetie thought he saw a spot on the ceiling.  He used a two step ladder to check, lost his balance, started falling and thought that with a new knee, a hip replacement, and didn't want to break his arm falling that he forgot the feet.  He now has a broken foot, is in an air cast and is out of commission for the next six weeks.  I, am in charge!

All our friends are howling when I tell them that I am now in charge of us.  I actually drove the big truck to the cottage without the sweetie white knuckling the dash.  He couldn't reach it he said after I drove out of the driveway, over the grass and the driveway of the neighbour next door.  I had two hours to practice keeping it on the road! 

So, we are here for the long weekend.  There is family here, we are eating and awaiting the International Space Station to pass over the cottage at 9:53pm tonight for four minutes.  So, I'm signing off.

By the way, I haven't been able to blog since cancelling our former internet provider and only today after ten days have I been able to bore you with my life. 

Strawberries are in season, flowers too and the flower guy from the cottage next door let the lady of the cottage deliver the flowers this week.  We are in a happy place.  Bob and Mary are here, the gang from next door is also having fun and life is good isn't it?

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