Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 Here is Helen's labour of love for her
daughter Marci.

This quilt, Ohio Star was started by Helen a number of years ago.  It is hand pieced, hand quilted.

Marci loves blues and this beauty has taken a long time to make because it is so large and Helen's fingers needed  lots of rest between putting the pieces together.

The quilt has silk batting which Helen
said was a dream to quilt as the silk was so light the quilting needle just slipped through it.

This quilt was done with a quilt hoop. I first saw this a few years ago when Helen had it on her lap here at the cottage.  At the time, I had no idea the true meaning of hand quilting.

The label denotes Marci's loving nic (?) name of Marci Mouse.

So for all of you who know the true meaning of quilting.  This is for you.

The beautiful photos were taken by Helen's sweetie and Helen around their cabin in the woods of their cottage....a perfect setting.


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