Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's hot August nights and also the days.  Other than having had a very dry season, we are so enjoying these summer days.

I love lilies...I have a few varieties on the septic bed to go with the bee balm or monarda as these red flowers are called. 

The humming birds have been going crazy eating from the bee balm.  That makes me so happy.

The flowers are what one sees coming out of the bunkie/cabin  in the morning.  Isn't that a sight?  Even if it is a septic bed, I've planted perennials there for colour.  I love this photo taken by our nephew Jamie who has such a touch for photography. 

This is the bunkie that has a two piece in it.  The sink is almost the size of what one would see on an airplane, only in white.  I have heard it said that one can sit on the toilet and brush their teeth at the same's that small/big take your choice.   But everyone loves the feel of this little place.  It''s cozy, simple, and private for those of us who must rise in the night for business.

We have finally got our granddaughter Alex to get up and water ski.  She has passed her swimming lessons and with the confidence gained, got up to ski around our lake.  We are just thrilled about her accomplishment.

The lake temperatures are in the mid 20s/70s and
this summer season is the best in ten years I swear. 

Even this old body of mine has been swimming more than ever.  I think I've been in the lake more this year than any other that I could remember.  I am pain free and able to just climb that ladder so easily.

Final photo shows our nephew Jamie doing an incredible cannon ball into the lake!  The way to get young children used to the lake is to take action photos of jumps and turns and cannon balls.

At the cottage of Jamie's the kids don't have a deep jumping spot, so this was so fun for them although I am only showing Jamie as he loved having photos taken of him instead of him being the photographer.

The quilting has taken a back burner in these past days as there has been so many visitors, action on the lake and heat.  I had to turn the fan on so close to me to get air and it was too warm for comfort.  I'm not complaining here, just saying.

I love summer.  I love summer. I love summer.

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