Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 I was looking for a Wonky Star pattern.  The  Sillyboodilly blog has an excellent tutorial. I also wrote to thank her for it and for using her photo yesterday without linking as I can't figure that out!  Yet.

So getting my thoughts together without seeking Helen's advice regarding patterns and such, I went ahead and made this one.

Well, you know you make one and it looks like it works, well when four or five get put side by side....it's a WHOA moment.  So I finally asked my private teacher Helen for advice....she said "oh this
is so YOU!"

I wonder what she meant?  In any event,
I've cut out 15 blocks so of course, I need
to put some sashing to at least make it
worth doing.  The dark blue might just
be the ticket.

Why do I do this to myself?  Well the good thing is that my sweetie loves the colours!  Really?

I thought it would be a good thing to make muffins out of my rhubarb coffee cake recipe....didn't work as you can see.

But no one seemed to care, as the first bite was a  "so what" moment...they are still truly yummy.   Another lesson learned this summer.
I have this flower in my beautiful pots.  I think it's a verbena but can't place it.  Do you know?  It really is a beauty but there aren't many  in the pots.  It appeared about a week ago.

Okay....I read that one can never have enough stash.  I now believe it!  I have a cedar chest full of odds and sodds of fabrics which just don't match to my minds eye...Helen is not surprised at this.

I think I need more white or yellow to make some tops to get rid of some of these unwanted or unloved fabrics.  Shopping is in the forcast!

The weather has gone somewhere else today.  We are going to have some serious rain I suspect.  The humming birds woke us up this morning to fighting and yelling at each other.  They just never learn to get along....and to boot, there was a couple of squirrels egging them on at 5:30 in the morning.   I wanted to close the windows there was such a racket.  

Our neighbours have gone home for a few days.  It always feel strange when the lake becomes quiet after the activities of the last couple of weeks.  Here in Canada the last week of July and the first week of August is the time when people take their holidays as there is a stats day in there so everyone in the country gets a long weekend, which means an extra day. 

The holiday is called Civic Weekend.  It celebrates not much but fireworks and a day off for Canada is a great summer excuse.  In February we get Family day in Ontario.  I really think we get it because from the first of January till Easter there wasn't a long weekend...How great is this Country ...eh?

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