Thursday, October 6, 2011


Isn't this just the best idea for a crib?  The blog..The Art of Others had this and many more ideas on it.

It's an old blog, but some really coll photos are on it!

I cleaned the cottage yesterday, floors, windows and even washed a slip cover for the Ikea sectional.

Bad idea washing the cover.  It shrank...It's on but my sweetie will need to really give it a stretch on the one side to make it fit properly.

So not having energy to do much more than eat,
I surfed the net.
You know how much of a bag lady I am, and I suppose a suitcase classifies as some sort of bag.
I love this use of a suitcase.  My westie would need shorter legs for this bed, but isn't this clever?

On the same thoughts, there was a chair made out of beer cans.  Oh, the beauty and practicallity of this in the living room.

I can see it now.  A total College Dorm
makeover!  And so cheap too!

Of course it's a guy thing as I am not a beer drinker, however I did find a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles.

Now that I could identify with.  Wine doesn't make me burp!

And this photo caught my eye.  This is from Philly.  It just is so beautiful that I had to post it even though the others are
just fun things.

And finally, cottage stuff.  My sweetie made a cedar rocker that has sat in the trees for the past 11 years.  We would wander over to that spot a couple of times
a year, but really it looked very sad for
the last few years.

We put it on the lift, but Bob ended up underneath as it was put on it to bring it up to the workshop to be finished.

Bob, our resident painter, sander, finisher of jobs, looked at this earlier this year and said that he was going to finish it.  It took him three days to sand it.  It now sits in the workshop all stained for next season.  I will take a photo when it is out in the open once again.

My camera went for a swim in my boat bag.  I have a bag that carries so much stuff when we go shopping or anywhere.  I put water bottles in it, my purse, any of my sweetie's stuff, keys, dog leash, and of course my beloved little Canon.  Well the water bottle somehow spilt and the Canon I think is toast.  So must go to the big camera which is always kept in a big.  I have an old Canon SLR which is a great camera, but not one that I can put in my pocket and go.

Shopping is definitely going to happen when we next get to the city.

Thanks to the blog world for all the information out there.  All the quilting blogs, the information blogs and even the blogs in foreign language are so informative.

I didn't realize till I started looking at blogs on photography that there is so much out there.

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