Sunday, October 2, 2011


 It's a rainy windy day at the lake.  This is day four of rains, winds, huge gusts on the lake, so much so that we are still stoking fires and keeping warm and dry as much as possible.

So, this morning as I was on the web, I found this so cute and easy scarfe called "speghetti scarfe".  I found an old tee shirt that I didn't realize wasn't old but belonged to Michelle, the daughter of Mary.  Oh well, I was going to give it to
her anyway as she loves this stuff.

Here is my first attempt at making the scarfe and a sort of tutorial.

I cut the shirt at the arm pit.

Then, cut from one side to ALMOST the other side, measuring sort of about an inch or two as I went along. (NOTE...the skinnier cuts are better)

Then after cutting, I stretched the cuts,
being careful to hold the ends and not to
tear as I was stretching.

All of this took about 7 minutes to do.  I also cut the bottoms of the tee shirt as you can see.

Here is the sample of the cut tee shirt.

Note the cutting just goes about an inch from the top.

I used a rotary cutter because I have one of course, but scissors would suffice.

As you can see, it's a very simple thing to do, even for me.

Here you can see the stretched speghetti
just before I gathered all the ends and then
put them over my head twice to make the scarfe.

This is the original photo that I found from a retro sight which I forgot the name so cannot give the proper claim to fame of the creator.

I think her scarfe is made from a very large and I mean very large and very stretchy tee.

So, is this not so cute?  Wouldn't it just make someone happy?  Search the web and find many many variations of this so very cool little easy peasy craft.

Not bad for a rainy day activity don't you think?

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