Sunday, October 16, 2011


Of course one never loses power in daylight!  Last night around 8 pm, we lost power at the cottage.  We are all without power still.  We probably won't have any till about 10 pm tonight.

We have a generator which we purchased about 15 yrs ago.  When we bought the cottage we moved it here.  It is the best thing we've brought here, honestly.

(nb.  I can hear the helicopter searching for downed wires as I write this)

We didn't put it on last night as we felt that we needed to preserve the fuel.  But this morning we put it on, had a pot of coffee made and stoked up the wood stove too.  We are cozy at the moment.

Just as I was putting on another pot of coffee to take to Kent and Kath, who should appear but Kent with a coffee pot to be plugged in.  "Most important item of the day" says Kent.  He had a coffee while he waited to take his pot back to their cottage.

It isn't cold, so no worries there, but the winds have come up again, the boats are rocking like crazy, but we really may not have enough fuel till the power comes on so my sweetie has gone to the marina to get the gas.

At times like this, one appreciates the little things in life that we take for granted.  Electricity is so necessary and it isn't till we have none that we realize how much we depend on it. 

If I can get some of our precious wood heat into the sun room, I will be trying to sew today as intended.  Otherwise, it will be the knitting.

At least it isn't raining....yet....but oh those winds!
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