Saturday, March 3, 2012


When we left Whitby, the weather
was like this.  Our friends who have left Florida and headed home ran into crazy crazy weather.  All around the US this week has been tornadoes, winds, and of course snow.

We, of course have missed it all
as we enjoyed a few more days of
beach as this has been a very warm
winter in the southern states.

As we left the Pan handle and headed south, we could see the beginnings of flowers such as hibiscus and azaleas just out in buds.  Spring surely cannot be far away, don't you think?

After being away from our cottage for such a long time, I find myself thinking of sitting and sewing away the days in the sun room.  I am so looking forward to this.

I have spent the winter knitting, but do miss my sewing machine which is at my friend Mary's house awaiting my fingers to get it going.

It is March after all, which has meant the arrival of spring breakers here in Florida and non busier than the Orlando/Ocala area.  So much traffic!

Are you feeling like the birds?  They are starting to nest here and yesterday the cardinal in the tree next door to us was busy moving in and securing its spot for babies to come....Yep it is a sign.

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